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Travel Inspiration: The Great Migration, Tanzania Travel Inspiration: The Great Migration, Tanzania
The Great Migration, Tanzania | Thunder resounds in Tanzania, but don’t look to the sky to find its source. Herds of wildebeest barrel down the vast savannas of the Serengeti moving toward the north and Kenya in search of food and water. There is power in numbers, and the herds of wildebeest exhibit their strength as they migrate for survival. More
Travel Inspiration: Pashupatinath, Nepal Travel Inspiration: Pashupatinath, Nepal
Pashupatinath, Nepal | Sitting on the banks of the holy Bagmati River sits Nepal’s most important Hindu temple. Pashupatinath stands out in its power within the Hindu religion. In all of Nepal, Shiva is worshipped as the vengeful and destructive Bhairab, but only in Pashupatinath is he revered as Pashupati, the Lord of the Beasts. Pashupatinath is the place of kings, where Nepali royalty would request a blessing before the commencement of any important journey. More
Travel Inspiration: Uluru, Australia Travel Inspiration: Uluru, Australia
Uluru, Australia | Uluru is the stuff of legends, and postcards. No matter how many times you’ve seen the iconic sandstone formation in photographs, nothing will prepare you for its actual magnificence as it sits on the horizon. Sitting solitarily in the Australian outback, it juts into the otherwise never-ending skyline of blue. Uluru rises 1,142 feet into the sky and measures at 2.2 miles long. Visit the rock at sunset to see it lit in a brilliant burnt orange. More
Travel Inspiration: Savannah, Georgia Travel Inspiration: Savannah, Georgia
Savannah, Ga. | The most historic city in Georgia looks appropriately Old World with its array of draped Spanish moss trees amid swamps and mansions fitting for a Southern belle. The dripping greens cast a spell on you, transporting visitors to a fairytale-like realm. Take a stroll through the scene during a humid Georgian night for the full effect More
Travel Inspiration: Paradise Bay, Antarctica Travel Inspiration: Paradise Bay, Antarctica
Paradise Bay, Antarctica | The word “paradise” usually conjures an image of sandy beaches and tropical drinks. In Western Antarctica, it means bright blues, stark whites, still waters and pristine icebergs. The mountainous ice sculptures reflect back at you from the glassy surface of the waters, making them seem all the more mighty. More
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